Hello World

What is Perfect Pregnancy?

A faith-based company, born out of a heart for motherhood and a passion to encourage expecting moms. Our purpose is to equip and encourage moms-to-be as they embrace the miracle of childbirth and learn to trust God in a whole new way through the incredible pregnancy experience. We seek to make the LORD more real to new moms by helping them know, believe, and act on His promises.

What you WEREN’T expecting when you got pregnant!

There you are, aglow with motherhood. You deserve nine gracious months of pampering and chocolates…well, maybe in heaven! Today, moms-to-be have as many duties, deadlines and dependents as ever. They are expected to step just as lively as before…whether they can see their feet or not. So how do expecting moms manage it all and still enjoy this miraculous experience? (Drum roll please)…introducing PERFECT PREGNANCY. Our book, the Perfect Pregnancy Planner, related products, and blogs are full of fun, practical tools, compassionate advice, and real-mom tips to help expecting moms practically prepare for baby’s arrival and spiritually prepare their hearts for motherhood.