How We Got Here

Born out of experience.

The real moms behind PERFECT PREGNANCY are Janet Bartlett and Alissa Strait, two moms with 6 children and 45 months of pregnancy experience…if you’ve done the math, you already figured out once was with TWINS. The detailed design and development of our project was like giving birth, except that it has taken longer than nine months. More like 4 years! 

Janet originally wrote the Perfect Pregnancy Planner when she was pregnant with her 3rd baby in a 5 year span, after having passed on useful checklists and organizational tools to her busy professional friends. She sold 30,000 copies of the original book to hospitals such as Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte and Northside Hospital in Atlanta where they were given as gifts to patients at their first OB appointments.

Janet’s passion for pregnancy and her heart for motherhood has persisted throughout the years. Enter Alissa, Janet’s very talented niece and creative partner. We embarked on a 4 year collaborative effort to update, completely redesign the book, and add the truth of God’s word because we know it’s as important to spiritually prepare your heart for motherhood as it is to physically prepare for baby’s arrival.  

Pregnancy is such an amazing time….I mean, you’re in the middle of such a miracle! God is growing a human in your belly! Yet, there is so much change in your body and emotions that can bring fear and unrest. What a great time to lean in and trust God in a whole new way, allowing Him to "gently lead those that are with young." - Isaiah 40:11

Along with our products and blogs, the Perfect Pregnancy Planner provides fun, practical tools, compassionate advice, real-mom tips, and spiritual encouragement as you enter the journey of motherhood. But most importantly, we point to a Heavenly Father who enters into the journey with you.  As you prepare your home for baby and your heart for motherhood, if we help make your pregnancy more relaxed and enjoyable, our “labor of love” was worthwhile.

He will tend his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that are with young.
— Isaiah 40:11