Introducing the Perfect Pregnancy Planner


Born out of experience.

The anchor product of PERFECT PREGNANCY is our book, the Perfect Pregnancy Planner, which was conceived by Janet Bartlett and Alissa Strait, two moms with 6 children and 45 months of pregnancy experience. Its detailed design and development was like giving birth, except that it has taken longer than nine months! Our Perfect Pregnancy Planner is full of fun, practical tools, compassionate advice, real-mom tips, and spiritual encouragement. Whether it’s the first baby or the fourth, this handy guidebook includes everything needed to record, to consider, to do, and to buy during those confusing, exciting, and exhausting nine months.

Because the labor starts before you deliver!

This handy guidebook is really four books in one:


KEEPSAKE: Journal pages to record the highlights of this precious nine-month journey


Includes pages to document your big news, first reactions, baby name choices, your labor/delivery story, baby birth stats, and more! Calculate your due date, chart your weight gain, and post pics of your ultrasound, growing baby bump, and completed nursery.

ORGANIZER: “To do” checklists which take you all the way from calculating your due date to packing for the hospital


Includes organizer checklists with real mom tips for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters, along with a special last month checklist. Learn about hospital maternity classes and what to pack in your hospital bags for mom, dad, and baby.

BUYING GUIDE: Categorized lists with helpful hints to have you completely prepared when baby arrives


Includes advice on creating a baby registry, purchasing a car seat, DIY decorating and more! Detailed checklists with valuable hints will help you stock just what is needed to clothe, feed, and care for baby during those first precious months, including a chart to track borrowed items.

PRAYERS: Faith filled words for your time alone with the LORD


Includes prayers for baby and parents and an invitation to make God real in your life through the free gift of salvation. Grow into a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father through prayer, speaking His word, and by learning more about who Jesus is.


You’ll want to keep it and give it.

The Perfect Pregnancy Planner makes such a great keepsake that moms will want one for each baby. In fact, you’ll want to give it to all your pregnant friends. This soft, wiro bound, 96-page book is 6” wide by 7” tall so it fits right in her purse. She can carry it everywhere and use it every day to plan, prepare, and remember.

As you prepare your home for baby and your heart for motherhood, if we help make your pregnancy more relaxed and enjoyable, our “labor of love” was worthwhile.